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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mini Gallery Wall

From the Pottery Barn catalog to design blogs, gallery walls are pretty much every where these days.

In my opinion what makes a good gallery wall display is when they are a blend of artwork and photography. A gallery wall is your chance to personalize; seize the opportunity and create your own!

This one is fun!

Nick and I had a gallery wall in our loft (our first place) in downtown Denver.  We had a long narrow wall and so we decided to take a stab at creating our very own.

Our Rookie Attempt

We talked about hanging it again in our office at Mini House but somehow in the 10 months that we lived there it was just one of those things that we never got around to.

On Saturday we discovered the box with most of the prints in our garage and thought heck, why not!
 This time we decided to lay-out our "design" 

Confession - last time we literally just had a stack of prints and nailed / hung our way down the wall.  I have read blogs about planning, measuring, taping and other strategic methods.  Me nor Nick has enough patience for all that jazz... 

Here's what we've got up there:

  • Pair of bird paintings that me & my BFF created. I blogged about it here
  • Hershey print  - birthday gift from me to Nick
  • Wedding picture collection 
  • Collage of album covers from Mason Jennings (Nick's favorite musician) 
  • Photography from my oh-so-talented friend, Becca.  Check our her photography site - here
  • Picture of me at age 3 that use to hang in my grandfather's office. 
  • A Colorado print that I got off Etsy 
  • A small framed print that my sister Amy picked up for me in Prague 
Our gallery wall isn't quite complete but it's one of those projects that we can add to and change out over  time.  

Do you have a gallery wall at your house?  If so I'd love to see it! 


  1. I love the look of a "gallery wall..." although I never knew it was called that... so thanks for the info! Yours looks great. Hope you guys are enjoying Cali (although how could you not? I'm jealous!)

  2. Great Blog Emily! I love the gallery wall. I have a few of them in my house with antique pictures as you know. It is fun putting them together. Dorsey is so cute. Glad to hear that Allison is doing well with her store. I love reading your blog. Chris (Mom Sass)

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