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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Friends,

I'm alive.  I could blame a slew of things of things on my lack of blogging like - Christmas (crazy), lots of visiting company (awesome), my new addiction to Costco (pricey),  some travel here & there but all in all I've fallen out of the routine (translation - laziness!)

Like I've said before, I really love blogging. And since you are reading this - thanks for coming back and thanks to those of you who have asked if I was ever going to blog again (sisters, B$, et. al)

So I'll jump back in with little glimpse of how we closed out 2010 and how 2011 is shaping up so far. Lots of pictures

Sister Melissa out from OHIO for our 1st Cali Christmas

Waiting on our guests

Christmas Eve with my hubs

Walk on the beach Christmas Day

Family trip to the Zoo 

Happy New Year from Dorsey Dog


Night out in Las Vegas - on our way to see Beatles LOVE at the Mirage

Uber tourist shot at the Bellagio

Love the Chinese New Year decor

Sister in Cali - our gift for her 30th Birthday

Family field trip to the Getty Museum in LA

Phew! I wanted to post 100 more pictures but you get it. It's been a fun few months and I could go on and on about the who, the what, the when on everything but I'll spare you. Life has been and continues to be peachy.  

I just completed a fun felt project yesterday so I'll have a good DIY post for you later this week. Thanks again for sticking with me.   What have y'all been up to since November?!