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Saturday, December 24, 2011

28 Weeks

Merry Christmas to You! 
"So Merry Christmas everyone 
And Peace throughout the year
The time has come to celebrate
So let your voices fill, the air
Everyone, watch and pray 
that the sun will shine on a brighter day
Join your hands, lift them high
For this gift of life" 

28 Weeks!

Merry Christmas Baby and friends! Excited for a week of celebrations!  xoxoxo 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

27 Weeks

Ho ho ho!  Only ONE week until Christmas! Let's all pause for a deep breath, ok more deep breaths... So despite all the joy and  excitement I can't help but have some anxiety about all that still must get done - packed / shipped / baked / wrapped in the next few days.  Whoa Nelly.

One week from today we'll fly home for a 9-day celebration - Christmas, my 1st baby shower, a WEDDING (not just any wedding, my sister's wedding!!!), and loads of family & friend time! The excitement is almost too much for this pregnant gal.

The soon to be MR. & MRS.!

This weekend we went to a Holiday party for one of Nick's customers and I decided to wear an oldie but goodie dress (well, it's more like a top these days). I debuted this dress in October 2007 when I was visiting Nick out in Boulder, Co.  Oh how we have changed and not just physically!


Baby, you are taller than a Barbie doll this week! You weigh over 2 pounds and head to toe are 14-15 inches. That seems really tall to me.  I love all your moving and even kicking; it makes me giggle. This week you got several adorable new outfits from the sweet ladies who attend St. A's.  I often feel like I'm birthing you for the entire congregation as they all refer to you as "our baby." I don't mind and you'll love it when you arrive and get to meet them all!

Dorsey wanted to say Hi to Baby

Last week of my 2nd Trimester

Baby, you are so loved already. I hope you are enjoying this special time of year from within; I can't wait for next year when you are here!!  xoxo

Sunday, December 11, 2011

26 Weeks

Season's Greetings Friends! Have you gotten in the Christmas spirit? We finally have and it's about time! In addition to the constant hum of Holiday tunes on Pandora - I finally watched Love Actually (an all time favorite!), sent out our Christmas cards and put up some Holiday decor. We opted to not put our tree since we'll be heading home in just two weeks (eeeeeeeeee!) and this Mama wasn't up for the challenge of unwrapping all the ornaments, unraveling the lights, etc.  Yes, I'm pulling the pregnancy card.

Ho, ho, ho! 26 weeks!

 Switching up from our usual spot for something a little more festive

Baby, you weigh about a pound and two-thirds and measure 14 inches from head to heel.  You are very active these days - I wonder who you get that from?!  Today during church when Pastor Paula was praying I think you were doing a gymnastics routine.  ; )  

We've reached the point where everyone asks about you as soon as they see me, even strangers. They are very curious if we have picked out your name - we haven't chosen one yet. Your Dad and I have a few favorites but we aren't sharing with anyone...

We are planning and praying for you every day. I hope you are enjoying all the Christmas music, next year you'll be 9 months old & what a different Christmas we'll be preparing for. Exciting! 

Have a great week all! xoxo   

Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Weeks

I am happy to report that the shock of the 6 month mark has passed at our household and if anything it was a motivator that it's time to start registering for baby.  Registering is both fun and overwhelming.  I had wonderful advice from fellow mamas to get me started but still there are SO MANY CHOICES and I am the person who reads the reviews of every product to see why someone loved or hated it.  To sum it up, in one hour I successfully picked out 5 products!  At this rate, the child will be in preschool and I will have finally selected her highchair... ; )

Still rocking the leggings

Baby is now 9 1/2 inches and 1 1/2 pounds. Crazy fact - the baby's hair color has now been determined and if she takes after her Mama it will be jet black "Elvis hair"  (as my parents called it) when she is born - haha. 

Speaking of babies - yesterday my friend Katie and I went up to Santa Barbara for a posh baby shower for our sweet friend Nicole who is due in January!!  It was hosted by her mother-in-law who lives right on the ocean. It was a gorgeous spot and a wonderful shower.  Below are some pics
Perfect weather & backdrop 

Me, Mama Nicole & Katie
*I didn't get the memo on the purple ; ) 

How darn cute are these birdies??!

Sweet Mama-to-Be! 

What a fun day for Nicole and it made me super excited for my upcoming shower in KY! On this docket this week - CHRISTMAS: cards to go out, decorations to go up and more presents to be purchased. 

Fa la la la! xo fellow elves