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Monday, July 12, 2010

Dose of Dorsey

The beach bag was packed and ready but we never went had our fun in the sun; it was gloomy and overcast. Bummer, but we did put our swimsuits on to give Dorsey Dog a bath. This activity is a full contact sport and not a very pleasant one for anyone involved.

I can hear you - "Why don't you take her to the groomer?"
Response: It's pricey, it's over in fewer than 15 minutes and it's somewhat entertaining.

The hard part is over.  Now it's time to shake off outside

Check out her face pressed up against the glass, hilarious.
She'll wookie and do this until we let her in. 

Here's our pretty girl

Despite the gross weather, we had a great weekend and got a few little project done.

I'll be posting new DIY delights this week so stay tuned.

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