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Friday, July 16, 2010

Anchors Away

Last week I had an epiphany! Ok, that's an exaggeration but I did come up with the idea for this week's project out of the blue. I decided a pair of anchor pillows would be perfect for the red adirondack chairs on our front lawn or possibly the bench in our backyard.

With this idea, I looked around to see what was out there:

Etsy had tons of options. I liked this one! here

Fancy and a $140 price tag. Available here

Full disclosure: I didn't sew the covers. I want to learn how to sew this year but the pillow covers below were an awesome steal from Target a month or so ago for $2.83 each

Tools of the Trade 

I went to Michaels for white fabric paint, white chalk and was hoping to find an anchor stencil since my freehand drawing skills are pretty elementary... very elementary.  Think stick people. :)  Unfortunately all I could find was a little anchor print in Dollar Days bin as a point of reference.

Step by step:
  1. Iron pillow covers so they are nice & smooth 
  2. Utilize Helpful Hubby's artistic ability to draw an anchor with white chalk
  3. Insert cardboard into the cover so the paint doesn't bleed through 
  4. Tag team and paint in the anchor outline

Work in progress, Pillow #1 
Touching up a few spots. 

It took about 24 hours for these to completely dry. Then I filled the covers with cheap ($0.25 ) pillows from a local garage sale. They were hideous but it didn't matter (and yes I washed them!) The final step was spraying each pillow with Scotch Guard so they are somewhat "weather proof". 

Finished Product

Possible Spot, We'll See! 

Each pillow is a little different from the other one since Nick free-handed them.  Total cost for this little project was less than $15 and it was SUPER easy!

What do you think? Any pillow projects in your future?

Enjoy your weekend my sweet followers!  

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  1. You are an amazement and an inspiration...married to an artiste. Adorable.