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Sunday, October 30, 2011

20 Weeks!!

Hi friends.  WOW it's been quite the week here! On Tuesday we had our 20 week ultrasound & check-up appointment.  We told the ultrasound technician about our pinata / gender reveal fiesta so she was sure not to show us anything. It is always so fun to see our baby especially this time because we could see the heart chambers & all the other vital organs. Everything looked good and we had another stellar check-up with our doctor.

Funny that I am wearing blue and Nick is wearing pink.
-Morning of our ultrasound-

On Friday morning, I chopped off my hair!  With my ever-growing chest and now baby belly, it was time for something on my body to decrease. I love my shorter locks and it is for an awesome cause too! 

Mama's new do'
Donating to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Program in honor of my Gammer

Friday was Nick's 29th birthday! I surprised him with my new do' when he got home from work. We celebrated his birthday with World Series baseball (yay Cardinals!), beer & pizza, per the birthday boy's request.  No beer for Peepers but I did have a mini Diet Coke.  

And Saturday was the day of our BIG REVEAL but that's going to require an entire post but, I think the picture below will tie you over in the mean time.  ; ) 

Tickled pink!

Yay!!  Seriously an entire post is necessary for the fiesta and finding out that our Mini Peeps is a GIRL!!  It's COMING SOON, very soon! 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

19 Weeks

Howdy Friends! This post is late due to "Peeper's Midwest Tour" to Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee all in 5 days. Phew! I didn't get a chance to take my usual "week of" picture but here are a few from Week 19...

Midwest here we come! 
Aunt Mimi & Anna before bed!
First stop: Louisville, KY
4 Generations present (well, one will be more present in March)
Third stop: Bloomington, IN  
My Aunt Sandy and Gammer (my grandmother) gave the baby two adorable gifts - one is the Owlie pillow and the other is a Noah's Ark with stuffed animals to go on it.  So thoughtful!

Day with my favorites @ Al & D's new house
Fourth stop: Indianapolis, IN
I spent Saturday in Indianapolis with my sisters, Mom, niece, brother-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law.  It was a blessing to see my sister's new home, go to a cake tasting for her upcoming BIG day, visit the church where she will be married and just have family time.
My little pumpkin. Baby is about this size.
So I'm back in Cali - getting settled and getting excited / ready for our Baby/Birthday Fiesta on Saturday! Wooohooo!  More preview details to come!  xoxo 

OH and you can still vote Boy or Girl!  The poll my Mom sent out BOY is WINNING!  However, there is still a chance for Mini Peep to be a girl...  ; )

Saturday, October 15, 2011

18 Weeks

Hi Pals! Here's the exciting news of the week - I finally felt some baby movement, little flutters but I'll take it.  With each day this pregnancy is becoming more of a reality and I am loving it.  Living far away from our families has / will always be challenge but I feel so blessed for everyone who calls to check in, my team at work who forces me to nap or rest on a daily basis (no joke), my girlfriends / sisters who text or comment about how much they are DYING to know if baby is a boy or girl and everyone prays for us each week. It is overwhelming (in a happy sense) when I stop to think about it.  Ok, enough sappy preggo gab!

Mini Peep is now the size of a large baking potato and I believe it!

Leggings, I love you no matter what. 
Side note: this will be my last long hair picture. Next week I am my wonderful hairdresser in KY is chopping off 8+ inches and I am donating it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Charity.  :)  
Wearing pink in support of my Baby Girl vote! 
Ok dear ones, I'm outta here! Nick has fraternity brothers visiting this weekend and Mama's got stuff to do.  Enjoy your weekend. xoxoxo

Saturday, October 8, 2011

17 Weeks

As promised a weekly picture of preggo Peepers!  This week we had a doctor's appointment and got a gold star report from our doctor - always a good thing.  We scheduled our 20 week ultrasound and appointment  for Tuesday, October 25th, this is when we find out the sex of Baby Sass! Eeeeeee! BUT we won't be sharing until the end of the week at our Birthday / Baby Fiesta. Nick's birthday is on the 28th and we decided we'd do a joint event with our friends & family.

Any thoughts of if Baby Sass is a boy or a girl? I'm clueless so I'd love to hear your predictions!

Have a great week everyone! xoxo

Monday, October 3, 2011

16 Weeks

Well here I am, 16 weeks & a few days....  I still feel great but am clearly starting to feel like things are a-changin'.  Nick swears that Dorsey can sense that I am pregnant; I on the other hand am not convinced. We had a super busy week last week but enjoyed a nice quiet weekend.  This pic was taken on Saturday!

Mini Peep, you are the size of a large avacado 

Of course D had to be in a picture too! 

We have a doctor's appointment this week at the 17 week mark. Keep us in your prayers for a good, healthy check-up.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy News!

Dearest Readers (if there are any left!),
I'm so excited to share with y'all that I'm pregnant! Baby Sass will be arriving in March 2012. We are beyond excited about this little, growing miracle. Here are pictures taken around week 12 that we sent to our parents and sibling as our way of announcing the news! 

Here's the scoop:
  • I'm 16 1/2 weeks now! Time seems to be flying! 
  • I feel great, no morning sickness - thank you Jesus 
  • We won't know what we are having until end of October & yes we will be finding out.
Soon to be Parents in March

We have had two doctors appointments with ultrasounds and both went great.Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby... I can already feel the love and blessings from out here in Cali. : )  

Dorsey Dog is waiting for bebe

Baby, we are so excited!

I'll be posting a weekly picture so you can catch a glance of the expanding Peepers & Mini Peep. Oh  feel free to start sending your pregnancy and child raising advice - I'm all ears!