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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A few months back my sister was in search of a sunburst mirror to put above her fireplace. I was floored when I started helping her search because the prices range from pretty affordable to ridiculously expensive. There are some fancy schmancy ones such as this one:


After seeing a few DIY versions out here in the blogosphere and I finally decided to jump in. I used tutorials from Third Floor Design Studio and Isabella & Max Rooms as my guides to get going. 

Here's what I used:
4 packs of dowels (99 Cents Only Store)
1 pack of chop sticks (99 Cents Only Store)
1 pack of bamboo skewers (99 Cents Only Store)
1 8 inch scalloped craft mirror (Michaels)
1 8 inch pine wood disk (Michaels)
Gun glue & glue sticks 
Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint (Any hardware store)

"99 Cents Only Store" is my most favorite store in California. For those who've come to visit us, they've experienced the fun first hand. I'll devote an entire post to it later. 

So here's how it happened:

I started by doing a dry run to figure out the dowel, bamboo, chop stick pattern / ratio.  I recommend this step before you get out your glue gun.

Satisfied with the look and ready to glue

Note: I used a glue gun and some blogs suggested Gorilla Glue. I tried it with the first dowel and it was a total bust for me... And keep in mind that it won't be pretty on the back with all the glue and sticks but that doesn't matter friends. 

Ready for spray paint 

Confession: the gluing part took me a little while. Ok, well over an hour and it shouldn't have taken less than 30 minutes. I blame some of it on the Masters Golf Tournament that Nick was watching nearby!  I would hear cheering so I would pop in to see what happened... Any who... I wasn't in a rush so my snail-paced gluing wasn't an issue... 

Nick getting some of the excess glue off before we put on the final coat. 

Another note: When you are spray painting start with the back first and be sure to get in between all the sticks and the ends. 

Another Confession: I always end up needing Nick for some part of my crazy project ideas and luckily he is happy to jump in. 

Here she is! 

It's current home is above the daybed in our office / guest room. 
We previously had another mirror up so we used the pre-existing nail for this addition. 

That's what I've been up to out here in Cali.  What's new with you?  My sister Amy has been decorating like a mad woman and I'm hoping that she'll let me do some show and tell soon. (hint, hint)