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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Love for Laundry.

When it comes to laundry and my life - it is one of those things that keeps getting better with time.

To give you a brief (unnecessary) historical timeline
2005 - 2008: Coin laundry in a very creepy basement
2008 - 2009: Miniature stacked unit in a closet at our loft
2009 - 2010: A big girl set from 1980-something in our Mini House basement

A little dated but oh so faithful 

So when we arrived in Mini House #2 and there was nothing but hook-ups it was absolutely necessary to purchase our very first set.  Decisions, decisions.

A clean slate.

After a few trips to Sears and some online research, we pulled the trigger on a pair of Samsung front loaders.  
They arrived on my Birthday!  
Now a Nautical Nook 
The bulletin board was a recent project - custom, quick & easy

Talk about an upgrade! New machines, no steep basement stairs or quarters required. I'm happy! 

It was fun to decorate this little space. Notice my recent coastal accessories / purchases that I told you about here.  The shelves, rug and laundry bin were purchased at IKEA - the mecca of affordable whatnots.  

I actually enjoy laundry and now even more in this bright, cheery laundry room.  

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  1. How sad is it that I am so jealous of your front loading washer and dryers...