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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Rant & Lots of Raves

I arrived at my local Starbies (Starbucks to those of you who aren't diehards) to discover the menu and decor to be changed out for the Christmas Holiday. Come on Starbucks! Can't I just enjoy my Thanksgiving Blend coffee or Spiced Pumpkin latte through Thanksgiving??! Not only is the Thanksgiving Blend not available; they also increased their prices. Double boo.  So listen up Starbies - Michaels may choose to put up Christmas in August and everyone else soon there after but you're above that nonsense.

Ok now that I have that off my chest - let's chat about Fall. I love Fall. The clothes, the cooler temperatures (yes, they've dropped in Cali), the leaves changing and our time we've spent with family & friends.

Here some of my Fall Favs (in no particular order)

My 1st Minnesota Twins Baseball Game in October!

Playing with my favorite niece in Kentucky

Any & every minute w/ my family

Eating carmel apples covered in Reese Cups for Nick's Birthday

Nick's Awesome Pumpkin & Pirate Dorsey in the background

Passing out Halloween candy

Having Nick's brother visit us from Alaska

So Starbucks might have decided that Fall is over but I'm choosing to enjoy the final days because it's way too good to just let go!  With Thanksgiving, more family time & pumpkin pie on the horizon I'm one happy girl.

What's your favorite part about Fall? Tell me before it passes us by! xo