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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dose of Dorsey

Some of you might be wondering about Dorsey Dog.  Don't worry sweet blogosphere - we didn't leave her behind in Denver. She made the trek to Cali and seems to be loving it. With almost nowhere to dig, girlfriend has lots of new free time and has taken up a new hobby - sunbathing.

She needs a pair of RayBan Wayfarers, obvs. 

This picture was taken on our top deck.  Unfortunately dogs aren't allowed down on the actual beach so Dorsey will just have to be satisfied as a "deck dog."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Craigslist Crazed

It's no secret, I love Craigslist.  I get a thrill of finding a great deal and my next project. I don't exactly what I was looking for when I stumbled upon my latest project and truth to be told when I first saw it, it wasn't love at first sight.
This was the posting from Craigslist

However something caught my eye - do you see it?  It's been popping up in a lot designs recently... It's the design on the doors and after a little research I found out that it's called "quatrefoil." So here's a sampling of where you may have seen it or can find it in more accessories.

I stole this little quatrefoil collection from here.

Then I dug a little more and found that Ballard Designs is LOVING quatrefoil.
Mirror mirror on the wall.
On your headboard. Maybe it acts as a dreamcatcher...

More mirror action.

Ok you get my point.  I contacted the seller and found out that she had recently moved out of Denver and this little treasure was up in Lochbouie, Colorado. Pronounced "Lock-boo-eee" Excuse me, where?!

Nick is my Craigslist sidekick and a necessity for all Craigslist-ing. He always agrees to drive, load and pay to ensure I don't get kidnapped, robbed or hoodwinked. So on sort of dreary Friday afternoon, we loaded up in the Subi and made the trek to Lochbouie.

I didn't tackle this project until post move which gave me sometime to get inspired. I saw this image (not sure where) and saved it as my inspiration. 

Everything about this set-up is lovely.

Based on my previous post, I had a pair of great chairs so why not give them a great little table to complete a corner of DIY-goodness!

I had to find a paint color to accent the quatrefoil and scored two little jars on sale at our local True Value. Oh clearance, how I love to see you.

French Blue vs. Mist to complement my chair fabric

Here's how it went down. Sand, prime, paint and poly. Yep, it's becoming a very familiar set of steps for me, like a daily routine.
Ready to go (sans doors)
The top is actually a marble-like slab which I love.
Mist won! 
Isn't she sweet?
DIY Delights

What do you think? Have you purchased anything quatrefoil or even better - are you Craigslist Crazy like me?  I'd love to hear!

Start off your week with a good 5 or 55 minutes of Craiglist perusing. You never know what you may find. 
Enjoy your week! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quite a Pair

This is a way past due post and a long one. So grab a Diet Coke or a cup of coffee and let me tell you a tale of a pair of chairs...

Back in the Spring, on one of my many Goodwill Hunting extravaganzas, I spotted a pair of chairs that spoke to me.  They looked like they should be in a lobby of a Super 8 Motel back in the 1980's but I could see they just needed some love.  I checked the price tag - 20 bucks each. Get real Goodwill. My favorite word these days is "pricey" and to me these chairs were pricey.

Here's a pic that I snapped on my crappy B-berry at the Goodwill

Well Lady Luck was on my side. While I was re-considering the $20 a piece investment, a voice came on the overhead speaker announcing that on Saturday everything in the store would be 50% off.  It was Thursday so I  decided that if it was meant to be I'd come back on Saturday morning and purchase them.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. Here's the scene - me standing in line along with a cast of characters at 7:45 a.m., waiting for the doors to open at 8:00 a.m.  I kept looking around and thinking to myself are these people after MY chairs. Should I run once the doors open? Dedication or just pure crazy.  You can decide.

Not exactly it but close enough.

Clearly we know what happens next - the chairs are mine and that's when the fun begins. I knew that I was going to paint the chairs white but wasn't sure about the fabric. After popping around to a few spots and sending some swatches to mi familia for advice I landed on this fabric.

From Kathy Ireland's Collection. Weird that she has a fabric line...

Once again luck was on my side because our local JoAnn Fabrics was clearing out all it's inventory to move into a new location so I got this fabric for 70% off.  Score!

For this project I was determined to do it all by myself - meaning no help from my very supportive and handy husband. To be sure that happened I decided to tackle this start to finish while Nick was in Florida for a work convention.

Time to roll up my sleeves!  

Step 1: Remove skanky cushions

Step 2: Sand, prime and paint

Steps 1 & 2 went very smoothly. The next steps took a lot more time since I have never reupholstering and there were 10 million dirty, disease infected staples to remove.

Step 3: Laugh at dog while I'm researching reupholstery 101

Step 4: Remove fabric with the help of pilers, scissors and utter determination

Step 5: Cut and use staple gun to attach fabric onto the cushion board.
*I took pics of this step but it was also in the midst of the move so I think my brain wasn't operating properly and I erased them. Rats!  I used this awesome site to help me.

Step 6: Reattach cushions to the chair frame.

Drumroll please...
To me, a perfect pair found a perfect spot.

Ok, I'm super proud so I'll share another one.

Here's a close up! 

Flying solo on this project was very gratifying and Nick gave me the ultimate compliment when he said, "When you came home with these I had zero hope that they could EVER look good and now they look like they came off a showroom floor."  Swoon. 

I promise to be a better blogger.  So keep stopping by. More projects to share and they hopefully won't be so long winded but it's me so they probably will be. :) 

Enjoy your weekend blogosphere! xo 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh My Geminis

Tis the Season - Birthday Season that is! For our family it kicks off on May 30th with my sister Allison's birthday then it's our brother (not by blood) Cary's birthday on June 1st,  then my Uncle Jack's birthday on the 5th, then me & Dorsey Dog's on the 9th,  my Mom's on the 10th and sister Amy's on the 12th.  Whoa.

Growing up my parents made sure we all had our own special day but there were definitely some joint celebrations since we were close in age. We loved it (from what I remember) :) A few that came to mind were a Slip n' Slide party in the backyard of Country Club Lane, a New Kids on the Block themed slumber party, of course the Roller Dome (one Hopkinsville's finest establishments) and the list goes on.

This weekend friends and family will gather in Louisville at the uber chic 21C to celebrate my sister's 30th Birthday. Sadly, Nick and I won't be there. And if you know, you know I HATE to miss out and I love to make cameo appearances.  With our recent move it just wasn't in the cards so Nick and I gave Amy a round-trip airfare and weekend on us in California.  We figured if we can't come to her, we'll bring the birthday girl to us.

Here is cute save the date for Amsie's birthday

So stinking cute.  To all my fellow Geminis - Cheers to us! Let's make this year our best.  xo


Monday, June 7, 2010

So long for now.

Pardon my absence but I know you faithful followers understand. It ended up taking Eddie and Big Rob three very long days to wrap, make that triple wrap, pack and load every. last. item. in Mini House. I'm not sure why but by Day #3 I was completely exhausted and I wasn't even packing! When the moving truck pulled out of the alley, I was strangely relieved and immediately took a much needed nap on my lovely air mattress with Dorsey Dog.
Nothing left but a Dorsey Dog

Nick and I stuck around Denver for a few days and got to say our final, FINAL goodbyes. You see our friends hosted a wonderful going away party in mid-May then there were numerous happy hours, Wash Park days, last dinners at our favorite restaurants so it had been sort of dragged out goodbye. :)

Going Away Cook-Out

Drinks at Pub on Pearl 

My favorite Denver Boys.
D enjoying Wash Park 
One last Rockies Game
Final shot. 

Dear Denver - it's been great. You are one tough act to follow. So long for now - we'll be back!  
Love, Team Sass