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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birds the Word

A few weeks ago my best friend Emily came to visit and I talked about it here!  As promised here is the second part of our projects.

After we completed the bookcase we were ready to stretch our creativity a little more and create two bird paintings to complement the bookcase in the brown room.  I'm clearly going through a "bird phase" at the moment and just completed another bird themed project that I'll be blogging about very soon so consider yourself warned.

So back to the birdies... Emily sketched the branches and the swirls for each painting. The actual birds were an adhesive sticker that we applied / painted over to create a negative and then removed.

Here's a play by play...
Painting in progress


Close Up

So cute, right?!  Emily deserves all the credit for the concept and execution. It really was a quick, easy and most importantly fun project that is a great addition to my walls.  THANKS Em-Pom! 

Now these birdies are perched in this room (sorry I don't have a picture of them hung but they are next to my desk on the opposite wall) 

The Brown Room 

More projects are coming, stay tuned my handful of blog followers. :) 

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