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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Elephant Envy.

Here is my tale of the one that got away. On Monday I was out thrift shopping and spotted an elephant in the room. Literally. A white ceramic elephant with gold accents.

I don't know about you but I have a few questions that I ask myself when considering a purchase - Do I need this? Where would I put / wear this item? And so on. While I was having this inner-monologue, I realized my hands were full and to me that is always a sign to check out and go home. However, on my way out I snapped a pic because I liked him and figured I would think about it and could come back for it.

Spotted: Mr. Elephant in Local Thrift Shop

Later in the afternoon I sent the image above to my sister Allison and her immediate response was "Buy now." I messaged her back that I already left the store, her response was "Pull the trigger, don't miss out." Just the validation I needed! 

To add to the elephant intrigue last night I kept seeing elephants on some of my favorite design blogs and in several lay-outs in LONNY. If you aren't familiar with LONNY it is "the"online decor mag!

From LONNY. Posted here.

Image from one of my fav blogs.

We all know what happens next but I'll still share. I went back to retrieve Mr. Elephant and of course he was gone.  I blame this next sequence of events on the over-consumption of coffee this morning: I proceeded to frantically search the store for Mr. Elephant and goes as far as locating the manager to inquire.

Our convo went like this, "I was in here yesterday and there was a white ceramic elephant" (picture me doing hand gestures on size and location of Mr. Elephant) and before I could go into more detail of my saga he cut me off without hesitation or empathetic tone to say, "Sold."

Now you may think this blog entry is totally ridiculous because it's about a ceramic elephant that can most likely be purchased at one's local Pier 1 store , but I feel like everyone has had this moment; a time when you missed out on a great find or just assumed it would be there when you went back for it.  Sometimes those "if it's meant to be" type moments are nice but that's only when it's still there!

If you've had a "the one that got away" moment, I'd love to hear about it!  Seriously friends, if no one responds I'll think the California sun is doing more than just making me tan but in fact damaging my brain.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. i missed out on a tall metal stand up shelf once. i will never forget it. so i was forced to buy a particle board put it together yourself number from ikea. didn't even make it through 2 moves. when it eventually fell apart it landed on mike's foot, so that was kinda worth it.