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Monday, November 28, 2011

24 Weeks!

Hiiiieeee! Holy moly - 24 weeks = 6 months or 1/2 a year!  I said this to Nick and a look of panic went across his face at the thought of how quickly this pregnancy is flying by and / or how "soon" our baby will in fact arrive. I know, I know we've got months to go and it will hit a point when the days drag on and the due date seems like it will never arrive but for now we are cruising in top speed it seems.

Is it just me or did I totally pop from last week to this week?  Granted this picture was taken yesterday so technically it's week 24 1/2 but still....

Baby Girl is almost 9 inches and weighs 13 oz. I did confirm this week in my books that we are out of fruit stage and just into your baby is a small doll phase.  Since it is dolls I guess my mind will picture everything from Barbie to American Girl doll between now and March.  : )

I'm off to work!  Happy Cyber Monday! xoxo

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