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Monday, November 7, 2011

21 Weeks

Hello hello!  Week 21 was another busy one and at this point I think it will stay that way until 2012.  No complaints from me - it's all fun stuff so I don't mind and Baby Girl is a wonderful travel companion. 

On Friday morning we jetted off to Charleston, SC for my sister's Pomtastic Bombtastic Weekend (aka Bachelorette Party).  We flew from Orange County to Chicago to Charleston. We arrived late on Friday night and joined up with the other 7 girls for a weekend of fun! 

Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Al-Pom, this is your weekend! 

Sissies @ our beach house

Pom & her Entourage

Here is my attempt at our "week of" picture - the Party Edition!

Hoptown Girls in SC! 
Good times were had by all! We ate delicious Southern food, shopped, shared a lot of laughs & celebrated the wonderful Al-Pom. Now counting down the days til Pom's BIG Day on New Years Eve. Eeeee so exciting!  And yes, Fiesta pictures and video are up next. Kiki (my loyal follower) - I promise.  : )

Have a great week friends! xoxo

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