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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Without further audieu, the post I've been teasing for two weeks ~ Our Baby Fiesta / Gender Reveal!  We decided to do something fun & different for us, crazy parents-to-be (along with our friends and 
family) to find out the sex of Baby Sass all together.  The timing was perfect since Nick's birthday was the same week as our 20 week ultrasound. Next was figuring out how we would do the reveal. Turns out Hershey makes pink "It's a Girl!" and blue "It's a Boy!" kisses! So during one of my sleepless pregnancy nights I came up with the idea to fill a pinata with the kisses and bust it open during a Birthday / Baby Fiesta!   

Luckily I know a guy who could get his hands on these for me ; )   

We went to our 20 Week ultrasound and had our sweet ultrasound tech write down the sex of Baby Sass on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. She was happy to use lots of tape to ensure neither of us got tempted... From there we handed the envelope over to my co-worker, Emily & her 3-year-old Stuart to fill our Donkey Pinata! 
Our Official Donkey Filler

Next up was getting our house "fiesta ready" for our guests! 
 Donkey strung up & ready 

Table (pre-party)

Thanks Oriental Trading for the decor :) 

Next up the arrival of our friends & getting our families all set up on video Skype. Let me stop here and say how lucky we were to have wonderful friends present but our families share in the memory. Our families were online from: Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, even ALASKA!  Awesome.

Ok, the moment we've been anxiously waiting for ~ time to bust open that Donkey! 
Jenna was up first!

Next up Katie

Finally we brought in some man power - Jeremy



Here is a video that Nick & I made using the footage. Disclaimer: this 1 minute video took us over 2 hours to edit & add music to in iMovie... So enjoy  : )  

And if you are still reading and want to see some post-reveal party pics, here you go:

Parents of a daughter &  over the moon! 

So there you have it pals - that's how we found out that Baby Sass is a GIR!. We would be thrilled either way but of course this Mama (one of 3 girls) is so happy to have a little, precious girl to start. 


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