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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Time

Gobble, gobble. We just returned from a wonderful Thanksgiving in Minnesota. We were welcomed on Wednesday night by Nick's family to a great meal followed by several sweet gifts for Baby.  Thank you, thank you G-ma Millie, Aunt Julie & Mom Sass!

 It's Thanksgiving but yes the Christmas tree is up in MN - love.

On Thanksgiving Day, we watched the parade in the morning (always a favorite) and got to see our alma mater's, Miami University, marching band. They were the chosen band to lead in Santa - yay Redhawks!  By noon our crew of 22 had arrived and was ready to eat. 

 Grateful so many could be together 

On Friday, we left the crazy Black Friday sales for others and decided to go to the Christkindlemarket in downtown Excelsior. It is a cute, German-inspired market with booths, carolers, etc and then we spent a few hours doing a little Christmas shopping in the local shops. 

My sis-in-law & me

On Thursday night I was initiated into the annual "girls-only" Krumkake party. Krumkake is basically a delicious waffle cookie that you roll into a cone shape. It requires a special iron, some patience and if you are not pregnant I recommend a glass or two of wine. ; ) 

Ready to go!

Messy but so fun!

Fruits of our labor 

On Saturday morning we had to say our good-byes and fly back home!  Like I said, it was fun & memorable holiday - now it's time to focus on Advent Season / Christmas. 

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving too! xoxo

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