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Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 33

Hi again,
This post is going to be short and sweet since yesterday's post was quite long. Week 33 flew by!  I worked, Nick worked his last official week in CA, we organized (garage, closets, drawers - oh my!), we relaxed (a little), and the next thing you knew it was Sunday morning!

The tail end of the week was so gorgeous here. The kind of weather that had me looking at Nick about 27 times a day and asking the same question "Are you sure we have to move?"

Sunny, 78 degrees, 33 Weeks Preggo

Gotta love a self pic
Us + the big, bad wolf 

Doesn't Dorsey Dog totally look like a cartoon wolf in her shadow? It made me laugh.  

Here is the official "week of" picture but I must say the tank top I had on looks like it is too short, I'm wearing a sports bra - it wasn't my best look of the week but hey you guys will cut me a little slack, right? ; ) 

8+ Month Mama

Precious Baby,  you are just growing away and I'm stretching / expanding along with you. You are most definitely my child because you sure like to move around a lot. This week your Dad and I signed up for our childbirth class at our new hospital for the first Saturday we are in AR!  We have also been reading our books on what to do with you when you actually arrive. Disclosure - we are somewhat clueless parents but are learning lots so don't worry (yet!) 

Thanks for being a trooper during this crazy time! Like I said last week, you are so much better off staying inside where it is so peaceful and when the time is right (preferably as close to March 16th as possible) we will beyond excited to meet you. 

xoxo little one

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