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Sunday, January 29, 2012

32 Week Fun, Belated.

I am happy to report that since my last post no other major life changes or decisions have been thrown into the mix and although I'm pretty sure we are covering all the major ones right now I feel like that is worth sharing. Also after my last post I received several thoughtful emails, texts and phone calls from those of you who follow my blog.  Thank you.  It means a lot and without getting all sappy, I'll leave it at that.

After we returned from Arkansas, we had two super fun things occur and I must share although they are belated.  One was the gender reveal party for our close friends and the other was having one of my college roommates / best friend + her cute BF come stay with us from Chicago -  all in the same day!! It was the perfect thing to come home to after a pretty hectic week in AR.

Nick in the background with his pink bow on in support of GIRL

Mustaches for Team Boy

So how cute is this idea?!  For the gender reveal everyone had a can of silly string and at the same time everyone sprayed his or hers to reveal the sex of Baby B!  See it play out below... 
Mama, Daddy & Big Sister Hallee

Poor Hallee Jane started crying from all the commotion but we think she is excited to have a little SISTER :) 
Our Amazing Small Group / Dear Friends (sans Ryan)
*2 little girls now, 2 little girls on the way & 2 little ones (gender unknown) due this Summer*

We say that we have the most fertile small group EVER and that in order to be part of it you must produce a child.  Kidding, kidding. :)  It has been so special to share our pregnancy adventure with these truly amazing friends!

After all the baby fun we headed down to the Pier to meet up with B & Mik.  We couldn't have asked for a prettier evening. 

I snapped this shot when we were walking up to the restaurant 

I will miss evenings like this one
Good times, great friends

After drinks at the Pier, we headed home and B had a little surprise up her sleeve... She gave me a book for the baby and then proceeded to tell me that the 9 girls I lived with my Junior & Senior years of college also had books for me / Baby.  But that wasn't all... she opens her computer and each one of my girlfriends had videotaped themselves reading the book that they are gifting to the baby.  It was just the sweetest thing.  Of course I cried but I had some good laughs too. 

I look horrible but I love B's face. Marcel the Shell - how cute!

Watching the videos from the girls

It is moments / memories like these that truly put everything into perspective.  Nick and I are so blessed to have the friendships that we do and no matter where we live those will always come with us. 

I have my Week 33 pic but at this point I think you've read and seen enough for one day so I'll just wrap it up for now.  Have a great week pals! xoxo 


  1. it was an honor to present the party foul girls to the newest member of the party foul fam!

    1. <3 all the P.Foul Aunties-to-be!! Baby Sass is one lucky gal and so am I! xoxo