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Sunday, January 8, 2012

30 Weeks

Happy New Year to You!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday, we sure did. As I mentioned - we went home for a 9 day a celebration: Christmas, a baby shower and my sister's wedding. It was a total whirlwind of unforgettable memories with family & friends.

I want to give each event it's own glory so I'll be playing catch up over the next week so you can see all the fun. In the mean time, here is Mama Peeps at Week 30.  It was crazy to write a "3" as the first number.

Baby, you are a growing girl! You are almost 3 pounds now and over 15 inches long.  This weekend we got into baby mode and purchased a glider AND a changing table. Your Dad keeps saying after each purchase - "so we're good to go now, right?!" Ummm not quite... a still have quite a list ; )

Please excuse my attire / "play clothes" as we call them in my family, we were cleaning out the garage & putting away Christmas

Ok dear ones, I'm a sleepy Mama so sorry for the brief post. More to come in the next few days.


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