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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Oh friends I just don't even know where to begin... since my last post quite a bit has happened at the Sass Household.  Here's the BIG news - Nick accepted a promotion and we are relocating to Arkansas. Yes, Arkansas! As soon as we got wind of this news and the initial shock wore off, we booked our flights to Arkansas and spent last week there house hunting, BUYING a house, checking out the area and meeting with a new doctor.  Just writing it out makes me want a nap :) 

But wait there's more - Nick's official start date is Jan. 30th (as in next week!!) and we can't forget one small detail - I'm 8 MONTHS PREGNANT! Eeeeeee! So here's the plan: we are moving to AR the second week of February, setting up the nursery, getting unpacked, taking those ever-so-important birthing / CPR / childcare classes and of course having a healthy little girl. 

So bear with me if my blogging is inconsistent over the next few weeks or if you call me and I sound like a crazy person or you end up talking to my voicemail. We are in a total time crunch.

32 Weeks! 

Baby Girl, you are 18 inches and 4 pounds. Gosh you are getting big! You are excellent travel companion and we couldn't be more thankful for your cooperation. Trust me when I say that you are better off staying inside for the time being as life on the outside is a little hectic at the present moment. We can't wait to eventually meet you but for now just hold tight, keep growing and we'll be a happy little family in Arkansas soon. 


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  1. baby believe me you want to see CA!!! (but not yet.. later in life when your mom and pops bring you to visit!)