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Saturday, October 15, 2011

18 Weeks

Hi Pals! Here's the exciting news of the week - I finally felt some baby movement, little flutters but I'll take it.  With each day this pregnancy is becoming more of a reality and I am loving it.  Living far away from our families has / will always be challenge but I feel so blessed for everyone who calls to check in, my team at work who forces me to nap or rest on a daily basis (no joke), my girlfriends / sisters who text or comment about how much they are DYING to know if baby is a boy or girl and everyone prays for us each week. It is overwhelming (in a happy sense) when I stop to think about it.  Ok, enough sappy preggo gab!

Mini Peep is now the size of a large baking potato and I believe it!

Leggings, I love you no matter what. 
Side note: this will be my last long hair picture. Next week I am my wonderful hairdresser in KY is chopping off 8+ inches and I am donating it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Charity.  :)  
Wearing pink in support of my Baby Girl vote! 
Ok dear ones, I'm outta here! Nick has fraternity brothers visiting this weekend and Mama's got stuff to do.  Enjoy your weekend. xoxoxo

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