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Monday, August 16, 2010

Maiden Voyage

Surfs Up! Today Nick and I headed to the beach so he could test out this new wetsuit and surfboard! We've been telling people that we traded in the mountains for the ocean so inevitably Nick retired his snowboards and skis and invested in a beginner surfboard.

En route to Lost Winds Beach

On the way to the beach I was on the phone with my sister and she asked if Nick knew how to surf. Good question.  Answer - yes and no. Yes he has played around on a surfboard once or twice a few years ago but he has no clue what he was / is doing out there.  

Future Pro Surfer? Looks like it to me. 

After snowboarding and skiing for the past 15 years, it is a very humbling experience to pick up a new sport especially surfing. It's 90% paddling out then waiting and more waiting and finally catching a wave. I was playing the role of lifeguard but my services weren't necessary (thank goodness!)  All in all - great first day but I have feeling that Nick is going to be super sore tomorrow morning. ;) 

Nick use to religiously monitor the snow report but now it will be the surf report. From fresh powder to upcoming swells.  I'm slowing learning the lingo... 

Hang Ten and Happy Monday!  


  1. So.. how'd he do? I always wanted to try that, I bet I would suck though

  2. He did really well! The water is too cold for me to get in without a wetsuit so it may be a while before I ever try! I'll be TERRIBLE no doubt. Come to Cali - we'll have a board waiting for you :)