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Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY: Pelmet Box

On Saturday we marked off two projects from my our to-do list!  Always a good feeling.

The first project was repairing our gate that I backed into with my MINI.  Oopsie Daisy! Thankfully the gate materials cost around $5 + Nick's free labor.  Now the dent on my car... it will require a little more moolah and a professional...

Thanks Handy Hubby!

Next up was building a pelmet box for our bedroom. I purchased the fabric for this project with the ambition to build it for our bedroom at Mini House #1. I'm glad I waited / procrastinated because the window in our new bedroom is wider. Procrastination paid off (well, this time!)

Here's what ya need:
Fabric -  1 to 2 yards. I used Premier Fabrics 
1x12 wood - Loews
L-brackets - Loews
Batting - Local shop but of course Michaels has it
Powershot Staple Gun & Staples - Best.investment.ever.
Dewalt Power Drill - Nick's personal fav!

Here is my fabric. You can buy it here.  

There are many of ways to build a pelmet box. My sister Allison recently made not one but TWO adorable pelmet boxes by following these instructions from the Little Green Notebook.

We took a slightly different approach. Still easy & inexpensive but instead of duct tape and foam board we used wood and power tools. 

Lowes employee cutting the 1x12 into three pieces

Iron your fabric folks! Wrinkles are totally tacky.

Roll out and cut your batting to match the wood

Place fabric, batting & board. Supervisor Dorsey Dog. 

With our fabric, we had to line up the pattern so it would repeat correctly which required us to adjust and re-align several times. If you are borderline crazy like us, it has to be perfect.  

Staple your heart out! 

My advice - there is no such thing as too many staples.  When I did the pair of chairs earlier this summer I learned the importance of ample staples and getting the fabric very taut.

We made ours with three pieces - so repeat the above steps for the sides after you finish the center piece. 

Use the L-brackets to attach the sides



Now that it's up, I'm considering some type of trim. I picked up some options at Michaels yesterday. What do you think?

I plan to get Allison's "how-to" guide on making a pelmet box sans power tools (hint, hint Sissy)! Happy Thursday Y'all! 

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  1. never heard of a pelmet box before. thought it was going to be some sort or bench or chair... was really interested to see how that would have held together with duct tape. im now enlightened.