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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Year of the Baby! (not mine)

For the past few years it has been all about weddings. This year there was a change in the tide. Our refrigerator once covered in save-the-date cards and wedding invitations is now being out-numbered by baby shower invites and birth announcements.

It kicked off in the Fall when I co-hosted three baby showers in three months in three different out-of-state places. From best friends to my very own sister, it has been so fun to share in this exciting time with each of them.
Mama Meagan in the middle surrounded by Hoptown girlfriends
Shower in Hopksinville in September 

Shownie & Baby Stella 
Shower in October in Cincinnati

Rechter Girls - Rebekkah & Amy both due in January 2010
Shower in Louisville in November

I have to admit that I was definitely out of my element when it came time to host my first baby shower. For starters I had never attended a baby shower nonetheless hosted one! Luckily I had some veteran co-hosts in my corner which made the planning and hosting a BLAST.

Here are some staples to a cute baby shower:
 Cute little foods. 
Cute gifts

Cute mommies

I'll create a Part 2 post so I can show off all these new babies.

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