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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Latest Addition

Since we moved into Mini House I have been looking for artwork, a print, a mirror - basically anything to go above our couch.  I kept thinking I would stumble upon something a-mazing at HomeGoods and although I have had my fair share of HG gems... I never found "it" there.

Our Naked Wall (excuse my blue tape)

Then one of my favorite blogs Little Green Notebook posted about all the great printable archived images that are available through the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.  I decided to peruse their selection and see if anything caught my eye.  WARNING: if you decide to go to the NYPL Gallery be prepared to lose several hours of your day. The selection is endless and if you don't know what you are looking for (like me) you can spend A LOT of time just clicking and searching.

During my "hunt" I landed on two series of images that I thought might work in the living room - botanicals & birds. But when it came time for printing at home the birds worked best. Yes, more birds.  Maybe it's a phase, looking like more of an obsession.


Anywho, I popped over to Michael's for frames and mats.  Luckily Michael's frames were 40% off (but I am convinced they are always having a 40% promotion) so I snagged 6 frames and 6 ivory mats.

*Be sure to check the frames for knicks & scratches if you go the Michaels route

The images I found on NYPL I pulled into iPhoto so I could crop, color enhance and touch-up. This one below is one that I edited.
This images is one from the John James Audubon Collection (circa 1880's)

Then it was time to get down to business (aka bring in Nick for help).
Lots of measuring and re-measuring

The final product

There you have it folks!  I am very pleased with the end result and love the fact that I can switch out the images if / when this bird phase passes.

So go take a look at NYPL Gallery and let me know what images you like!  And yes Amy if you reading this I'll create your artwork series.  :) 

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