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Sunday, December 11, 2011

26 Weeks

Season's Greetings Friends! Have you gotten in the Christmas spirit? We finally have and it's about time! In addition to the constant hum of Holiday tunes on Pandora - I finally watched Love Actually (an all time favorite!), sent out our Christmas cards and put up some Holiday decor. We opted to not put our tree since we'll be heading home in just two weeks (eeeeeeeeee!) and this Mama wasn't up for the challenge of unwrapping all the ornaments, unraveling the lights, etc.  Yes, I'm pulling the pregnancy card.

Ho, ho, ho! 26 weeks!

 Switching up from our usual spot for something a little more festive

Baby, you weigh about a pound and two-thirds and measure 14 inches from head to heel.  You are very active these days - I wonder who you get that from?!  Today during church when Pastor Paula was praying I think you were doing a gymnastics routine.  ; )  

We've reached the point where everyone asks about you as soon as they see me, even strangers. They are very curious if we have picked out your name - we haven't chosen one yet. Your Dad and I have a few favorites but we aren't sharing with anyone...

We are planning and praying for you every day. I hope you are enjoying all the Christmas music, next year you'll be 9 months old & what a different Christmas we'll be preparing for. Exciting! 

Have a great week all! xoxo   

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