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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

Two weeks ago was exciting for two reasons.  Reason Numero Uno - my best friend Emily came to visit from Louisville, KY.  Reason Numero Dos - a brand new Michaels opened.

Ok, of course Emily visiting was the highlight but the new Michaels did play a role in her visit.
This new Michaels is basically the Mecca of all Michaels and rumor has it - the largest, nicest one in the country.  Hey, everyone has to have something to brag about...

After playing around Wash Park, we decided to visit this new Michaels with a mission for some Friday night crafting.

Only a few days earlier, I purchased a white bookshelf for $10 off of Craigslist and it needed a touch of something.
Our blank canvas (shelves removed)

Emily hard at work and me "supervising"

Paisley Paper + Spray Adhesive + One Talented Em-Pom  = New Bookcase

This wasn't our only project, stay tuned for Part 2!

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