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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 35

Greetings from Arkansas! It was an adventure but we made it here and are very slowly getting settled into our new home and our new "normal." I know you understand my lack of posting during this crazy time.

Week 35 was our last week as residents of beautiful San Clemente and it was both stressful & special.
*Warning this post is a day-by-day recap so get cozy or just scroll & look at the pictures to get the gist*

On Tuesday night,  I got a WONDERFUL surprise.  My girlfriend Rebecca (who use to live in CA but now lives in FL) & her adorable 6-month old Hudson showed up at my door.  I had just taken a shower and had on ONLY my Uggs slippers & an over-sized t-shirt when I saw her standing at my glass door. I started screaming  hysterically which triggered Nick to think I had gone into labor or we were getting robbed. Bahaha. I wish we had the moment on camera!  I just couldn't believe they flew all the way across the country to be a part of our going away party / shower & other final day activities.

This precious face came all the way from FL!
Future boyfriend of our little girl, no doubt!

On Wednesday the packers arrived and in the blink of an eye they wrapped & boxed our entire house. It happened almost too fast... Here is a little before & after.

Morning of...

By afternoon... 
(note: those red curtains underneath were w/ the house & we had previously removed)

On Thursday the movers arrived. It was a crew of 4 good ol' boys from Wisconsin and our 70 degree weather was like a vacation for them, not a work day. They were so happy to be loading up our house and not a 3rd floor apartment in Green Bay. :)  It was a complete miracle that they go their HUGE truck down our street and that there was enough parking open. 

Big Rig

On Friday I had my final doctor's appointment.  I got choked up during our last visit.  Dr. J is a wonderful doctor and I am super sad she won't be delivering our little girl. However, two of my fellow preggo girlfriends are also patients of Dr. J so they will be able to share pics at their appointments. The good news was that she checked me and baby is head down & I wasn't dilated (the ideal report!) so she gave me the green light to fly.  

The rest of Friday was pure chaos as a whole but I was so thankful that I got the chance to meet up with some of my faves for a walk on the beach trail. 

<3 this crew

Saturday was more last minute errands and then last trips to our house & the Pier before our farewell dinner / shower with our Small Group (separate post for that coming this week!)

We LOVED this house, our neighbors & SC

Yes, this is real. Yes, I took this picture.

Week 35

Soon-to-be parents

Dear Daughter, you are such a tiny All-Star! Your mommy is so happy that you are head down, healthy heart beat, moving lots and happy with staying put for the time being! Keep it up girlfriend, ok?!  

Lots more posts to come, I promise!  xoxo


  1. This whole post makes my heart happy. Glad I got to visit that beautiful little bungalow and have no doubts you'll make another lovely home in Arkansas. Planned or unplanned, you'll be officially raising another Southern girl now :)

  2. Chic, Chic baby! do you like the ideea of following each other?;X