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Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh My Geminis

Tis the Season - Birthday Season that is! For our family it kicks off on May 30th with my sister Allison's birthday then it's our brother (not by blood) Cary's birthday on June 1st,  then my Uncle Jack's birthday on the 5th, then me & Dorsey Dog's on the 9th,  my Mom's on the 10th and sister Amy's on the 12th.  Whoa.

Growing up my parents made sure we all had our own special day but there were definitely some joint celebrations since we were close in age. We loved it (from what I remember) :) A few that came to mind were a Slip n' Slide party in the backyard of Country Club Lane, a New Kids on the Block themed slumber party, of course the Roller Dome (one Hopkinsville's finest establishments) and the list goes on.

This weekend friends and family will gather in Louisville at the uber chic 21C to celebrate my sister's 30th Birthday. Sadly, Nick and I won't be there. And if you know, you know I HATE to miss out and I love to make cameo appearances.  With our recent move it just wasn't in the cards so Nick and I gave Amy a round-trip airfare and weekend on us in California.  We figured if we can't come to her, we'll bring the birthday girl to us.

Here is cute save the date for Amsie's birthday

So stinking cute.  To all my fellow Geminis - Cheers to us! Let's make this year our best.  xo


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